Mar 23, 2010

American Idol is paring down the list.  The top 11 Idol wannabes will fight to be in the top 10 in order to make the American Idol Tour!

Lee DeWyze sang The Letter very good in my opinion, but he still doesn't wow me.

Randy - knocked it out of the box.
Ellen - her favorite pen is back.
Kara - raised the bar for himself.
Simon - not a recording performance, but sounded good.

Paige Miles sang Against All Odds  and she sounds scared to death!  Weak performance.

Randy - honestly terrible.
Ellen - looked stunning.
Kara - stopped competing.  Worst vocal of the season.
Simon - 5 of you singing the song; going to be in serious trouble.

Tim Urban sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love and he finally came out of his shell!

Randy - vocals were so boring; karaoke
Ellen - has fans that love him, but it felt like an audition for High School Musical.
Kara - didn't change it up at all. 
Simon - completely pointless and silly.

Aaron Kelly sang I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and I love this kid!  He's good!

Randy - not perfect, but he really likes him.
Ellen - so good; amazing.
Kara - best song choice of the night.  Knows how to pick songs.
Simon - making himself old fashioned, but there's zero chance he's going home.

Crystal Bowersox sang Bobby McGee and if she isn't the next American Idol, she'll go places.

Randy - that's what it's called being a star!
Ellen - nothing wrong with that performance, but we're missing personality.
Kara - felt more from her.  hahhaha  Crystal just put Kara in her place.  Love it!
Simon - wouldn't change anything.  As good as Pink's version of the song!!!

Big Mike sang When A Man Loves A Woman and Big Mike is my favorite teddy bear!

Randy - not the perfect song choice, but he knows who he is.
Ellen - safe choice, but she loves him.
Kara - really good, but a bit boring.
Simon - tons of charisma and a very good voice.

Andrew Garcias sang I Heard It Through The Grapevine a bit boring.

Randy - not good.
Ellen - hope he has a lot of fans.
Kara - confused.
Simon - overrated that great moment.  Has had enough time to work this out.

Katie Stevens sang Big Girls Don't Cry and she's doing a lot better!  She still looks like Tatiana though.  lol

Randy - little pitchy, but she listened to the judges.
Ellen - best performance so far.
Kara - this is the lane for you.  Mad pitch issues.
Simon - no idea what the heck he said.  hahahha

Casey James sang Power Of Love and although I love him, I think he thinks he's always safe.

Randy - wasn't a fan of the song.
Ellen - totally missed what she said.
Kara - she's just in too much love; lust.  Whatever.
Simon - old fashioned; no effort, no originality.

Didi Benam sang You're No Good like she's not even competing.  Don't like her.

Randy - pitchy
Ellen -  not the right song choice.
Kara - too dramatic.
Simon - like a bad part of a musical.

Siobhan Magnus sang Superstition very good, but she's another who thinks she's all that.

Randy - loved it.
Ellen - more please.
Kara - loves the way she expresses herself.
Simon - some people will like it but a lot of people won't.  Too much screaming.

American Idol will send someone home.  Who will it be???


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