Mar 16, 2010

American Idol and The Rolling Stones, 2 of my favorites!

American Idol's top 12 will be singing songs from the Rolling Stones tonight.  Let's go!

12 Idol wannabes take the stage:

Big Mikesang  Miss You and it's fabulous! Big Mike can hit those high notes!

Randy - slayed it; way to start the show!
Ellen - amazing
Kara - hot on stage
Simon - performance, particularly the dancing was a little corny. Sang it well though.

Didi Benam sang Play With Fire and although she has a good voice, I thought it was a dull performance.

Randy - you are on fire tonight.
Ellen - sounded great.
Kara - liked the intensity with the way she attacked the song.
Simon - likes she is showing what type of artist she's going to be; solid performance.

Casey James sang It's All Over Now very well!

Randy - loved it!
Ellen - fantastic
Kara - was a rock star tonight!
Simon - look great, sang well, played guitar well, but looked more like an audition performance.

Lacey Brown sang Ruby Tuesday with a very strange arrangement.

Randy - interesting; no wow moments.
Ellen - weird performance; tiny bit sleepy
Kara - 50/50 for her; issues not hitting notes right
Simon - performs like an actress; everything is very precise. Over thinks things.

Andrew Garcias sang Give Me Shelter and it sounds like he's straining to sing it.

Randy - loves him but it was just too pitchy.
Ellen - thought it was his best performance yet.
Kara - couldn't feel the song; didn't connect.
Simon - gave it 100% but something just didn't connect.

Katie Stevens sang Wild Horses and I thought it was good!

Randy - sang it really well; very strong performance.
Ellen - started a little pitchy, but sounded amazing once into it.
Kara - made some nice choices with the arrangement.
Simon - chose a really strong show; connected with the song.

Tim Urban sang Under My Thumb and I just don't think he's good enough to last much longer.

Randy - didn't like it.
Ellen - also didn't wow her.
Kara - A+ for making the song his own.
Simon - applauds him for doing something different, but it didn't work.

Siobhan Magnus sang Paint It, Black and for once, she didn't wow me.

Randy - that was hot!
Ellen - loved everything about her and the performance.
Kara - did the most with the song tonight.
Simon - was the stand out performance of the night.

Lee DeWyze sang Beast Of Burden and I like him, but darn he sure sings out his nose.

Randy - thought it was dope!
Ellen - thought it was great, but was expecting a little more from him.
Kara - growing faster than anybody; tremendous growth.
Simon - like him as a person, but his personality doesn't shine.

Paige Miles sang Honky Tonk Women and it sounds more like screaming than singing.

Randy - did alright with the song.  Needed more energy.
Ellen - has star quality; sounded great.
Kara - hit some great notes with having voice issues this week.
Simon - OMG, she has laryngitis; did very well knowing that.

Aaron Kelly sang Angie and I love this song!  He's doing okay with it.

Randy - born to sing; thought it was hot.
Ellen - great song choice; one of the best performances of the night.
Kara - he showed her; he connected with the song.
Simon - chose the right song; 100%.  His strongest performance.

Crystal Bowersox sang You Can't Always Get What You Want. Man she's got a great voice.

Randy - loves her; wasn't his favorite performance, but he still loves her.
Ellen - sings with ease; born to be on stage.
Kara - comfortable on stage.
Simon - came out the clear favorite, but chose the wrong song.

Who's your favorite?  I liked Big Mike and Crystal Bowersox tonight.

But only one can be the American Idol!


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