Feb 2, 2010

American Idol is nearing Hollywood Week so we endure another guest judge; Victoria Beckham. Didn’t she already play judge? Mark surprised the judges, not that he was kidnapped by his mother, but he could actually sing! Kimberly makes it to Hollywood, probably because she said she’d buy Simon Rogaine. She can sing, but she’s a better flirt. Whoa, was that Pink’s twin? Danielle sounded just like Pink! And what is with all the head bobbin’ from Kara? It’s driving me nuts! Austin, “all about me” moped singer, is way too arrogant for Hollywood. Thank God! Minnie Mouse flew in from Italy, a.k.a. Nicci Nix, I thought was borderline, but the judges loved her. American Idol ends with Ty in a bikini. All the American Idol judges walked out; good call. So Bikini Boy is left standing scratching his hinney. Stayed tuned for more crazy American Idol wannabes. Later!
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