Feb 3, 2010

American Idol final auditions! This is where American Idol loses half of its viewers! Whoop! Ok, kidding, but many people only watch American Idol for the auditions. LOL Well, we have to recap Pants On The Ground. Where are William Hung and Renaldo Lapuz? Simon Cowell gets his 15 minutes of song writing fame and Posh Spice is embarrassing him. Hahahha Amanda the drama queen made it through after Simon’s psycho drama rendition of her. Well, look at that! Victoria “Posh” Beckham switched from herself to Doogie Howser to what’s her name, and back to herself again. Are we in a time warp? *Yawn* American Idol is getting tired! Aaron sings The Climb. He’s the one who calls his Aunt, mom. He’s going to Hollywood. Kimberly is up next and although she can’t sing, Simon thinks she’d be fun on a date. Ew. Shaddali’s mom has a dream but Shaddali just didn’t have the talent to fulfill her mother’s dream. American Idol gave out 181 Golden Tickets. Next week we go to Hollywood with our new American Idol judge; Ellen Degeneres. See you there!
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