Jan 26, 2010

American Idol begins with psycho Neil who argues with Simon; how high did he say his IQ is? Avril Lavigne is the guest American Idol judge and what the heck is she wearing, a cape, a coat, with ears? Or are they horns? OMG, Avril forgets what she is judging; Paula, is that you? She said no to Pastor Jim because he has kids? Um, it’s a singing competition Avril. I see now that they are horns. It all makes sense now. Katy Perry steps in as the new American Idol guest judge. She’s GOT to be better than Avril, right? Austin (Mick Jaggers spawn?) freaked Simon out so he goes back home. Katy Perry asked Kara if these American Idol wannabes are frisked before they are allowed in. hahhaha Finally a tear jerker! Andrew Garcia’s parents were in a gang so they moved to save their sons. Good move, Andrew’s going to Hollywood! Jason is touching himself. Ew. He’s hitting on Simon! Nope, now he wants Ryan. We end this edition of American Idol with Kara and Katy fighting and Idol wannabe Chris scoring big with Randy Jackson! He’s going to Hollywood! Wow, another American Idol down. So far I’m not super impressed with anyone. Are you?
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  1. I'm with you dude. OMG, why was LA such a tearjerker town? Or did they just run out of footage and decided to embarrass all these people.

    Here's a clue - if they feature the family at home, the person will get a Gold Ticket. They don't bother to show the HOME and kids of the people who aren't going. They aren't going to drive/fly to their home and make a video about their history.

    So far this season, I'm using the mute button a lot. And what's up with all these kids who have NO CLUE they can't sing? Their mommies and daddies seem to have been focused more on their precious self-esteem than building their character. Well, dude, if you cry at THIS rejection, ain't no way you can handle TMZ, papparazzi, the Tabloid's dogging your every move, and the insanity and meanness of Hollyweird.

    I'm just sayin'

  2. hahahha, I totally agree with you Rosci. They not only can't sing, they argue about it. Don't they watch the show? Argue with Simon and you're done! LOL

  3. I was more impressed with the contestents than the guest judges. Lavigne acted totally childish & stupid looking with the horns. Who the hell does she think she is, Cher???

  4. Good point! She reminded me of someone and you're right... Cher! Avril was very childish, I totally agree with you!




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