Apr 15, 2009

American Idol has always brilliantly implemented damage control, but they’ve really messed up this time. Adding a 4th judge has only taken time away from the Idols and caused the show to over-run. Simon Cowell blamed the girls for the time snafu, so they decided to only have two judges critique each of the Idols. Simon finally knocks Idol wannabe Adam Lambert down a peg. He told him half of America loves him and half can’t stand him. I’m in the latter group. Screaming is not singing. The rest of the Idols did fair, but what did they expect with Quentin Tarantino as mentor? He’s a great director, not a singer. Lil Rounds is in trouble along with perhaps Kris Allen and Matt Giraud. Hopefully Lil will go. Which American Idol wannabe do you see leaving? Vote now!

Which American Idol Is Leaving?

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