Apr 9, 2009

American Idol began their results show blindsiding Simon Cowell with an older Idol, Frankie Avalon! My first thought was, WOW! He looks fantastic! How old is this guy now? Well, he was born in 1939, so he will be celebrating his 70th birthday. He doesn't look a day over 30! After that awesome visit, American Idol gets down to business with the results. Anoop, Scott, and Lil took the seats of shame last night. I was hoping Anoop and Scott would win sending Lil home, but that wasn't the case. American Idol wannabe Scott McIntyre was sent packing. No judges save, nothing. I like Scott, I think he has more talent than Lil, but obviously not many shared my opinion. We're down to 7 remaining American Idol contestants. Watch this weeks performances at American Idol.
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