Apr 15, 2009

American Idol used their first save tonight! Idols Anoop, Lil, and Matt were in the bottom three. Anoop was sent back to the couch leaving Lil and Matt. Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson, performing If This Isn't Love that hordes of people are pre-ordering for the May 5th release, was having trouble with her earpiece. Miley Cyrus tried to “rock out” Climb, but her prom dress ensemble just didn’t cut it. Great song, though as millions are pre-ordering for its April 28th release. American Idol wannabe Lil skipped back to the safe couch when Ryan Seacrest announced Matt would have to sing for his life and he did just that. After the 4 judges deliberated, Simon Cowell gave us the good news. The American Idol judges will save Matt Giraud! American Idol meets disco next week. Stay tuned!
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