Mar 12, 2009

American Idol created a new rule to ensure that 33+ million voters don’t screw up! Yes, the once confident Simon Cowell who always told the American Idol contestants “America knows what’s best” has fallen. The American Idol judges get to save one American Idol wannabe from elimination when America screws up. 33+ million voters must be wrong? No, we’re not wrong. What’s the motive? American Idol contestants Jasmine Murray and Jorge got the boot last night and after absolutely no deliberation, neither was saved. Before each sang, Ryan Seacrest told us the judges would deliberate to decide if one would be saved. Right, Simon stared into space and Paula was up on her feet dancing. No one deliberated; they already know which American Idol contestant they will save. American Idol once gave America praise for selecting our next American Idol. What happened?
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