Mar 18, 2009

American Idol fans either loved or hated Adam Lambert’s Ring of Fire performance. I hated it.
  • Michael Sarver started the show clumsily according to Simon Cowell.
  • Allison and Kris sang next and although the judges liked their performances, I thought they were forgettable.
  • Lil Rounds didn’t impress the American Idol judges. Simon couldn’t even get her name right. So, Little Rounds was a big flop.
  • Adam Lambert slaughtered Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire and Johnny probably rolled in his grave. Simon said people were throwing their TV’s out the window; yup.
  • Scott MacIntyre was good, but Paula said he was using his piano as a crutch. Simon called Paula stupid and everything was right with the world.
  • Alexis sang Jolene. I just love this girl. The judges thought it was okay. Kara said she lost her edge, but no one cares what American Idol judge wannabe Kara thinks.
  • Danny Gokey sang Jesus Take the Wheel and again everyone liked it but Kara. Simon didn’t like his clothes. Clothes don’t make the person Simon as you know.
  • Anoop sang You Were Always on My Mind and everyone loved him including Randy Travis. Simon said he went from zero to hero.
  • Megan’s excuse for her performance is the flu. WTF does having the flu have to do with her embarrassing Marilyn Monroe impersonation?
  • Matt Giraud finished the show with So Small. All the American Idol judges loved it. Simon and Randy said it was the best performance of the night. I agree.
Which American Idol wannabe is going home? puts Megan Joy Corkrey, Allison Iraheta, and Alexis Grace in the hot seat.

Which American Idol Is Going Home?

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