Mar 11, 2009

American Idol ignored what they’ve told previous American Idol contestants and had them sing Michael Jackson songs. Some Idol wannabes stepped up to the plate while others never made it out of the box.
  • Lil Rounds sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” and although I wasn’t impressed, the judges were.
  • Scott MacIntyre sang “Keep the Faith” and received mixed reviews. Randy, Paula, and Kara liked it while Simon hated it.
  • Danny Gokey sang “P.Y.T” brilliantly according to Simon, but the dancing was hideous.
  • Michael Sarver sang “You’re Not Alone” which was okay but nothing wow-ish.
  • Jasmine Murray sang “I’ll Be There” and I thought she sounded very scared. The Judges thought she was good but robotic.
  • Kris Allen sang “Remember the Time” which the judges liked, but I didn’t like the arrangement.
  • Allison Iraheta sang “Given to Me” and she did okay. I wish someone would give her a makeover though.
  • Anoop Desai sang “Beat It” and I agree with Simon; it was a bit karaoke.
  • Jorge sang “Never Can Say Goodbye” and yes, it was old fashioned.
  • Megan Corkrey sang “Rockin’ Robin” and she reminds me of Kristie Lee Cook from season 7. Like them both, but get annoying very fast.
  • Adam Lambert sang “Black or White” which is one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs but all I heard was screaming. I just don’t see what everyone else sees I guess. I can’t stand this kid.
  • Matt Giraud sang “Human Nature” and I agree with the judges; a solid performance.
  • Alexis Grace sang “Dirty Diana” and I love this girl!
2 American Idol contestants will be leaving tonight. Who do you see leaving?

Which 2 American Idol Contestants Will Go Home Tonight?

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