Jan 28, 2009

American Idol is getting racy! Ok, an overstatement, but last night was fun. American Idol was in Jacksonville, Florida and Simon was miffed that Randy was the star. The blunt American Idol judge wasn’t impressed with Florida’s auditions, either, but 16 made it. Joshua said he’s mistaken for Justin Guarini’s twin, and didn’t do half bad. He’s going to Hollywood. American Idol wannabe Anne Marie had to leave and come back as herself. With some makeup and different shoes, she made it through. Paula felt left out so she sat on Simon’s lap. Ryan came in and sat on Kara’s lap and Randy’s biggest fan was on his lap. Paula “kissed” Kara, but Kara said she’s waiting for Simon’s kiss. Good Lord its American Idol gone wild! Randy Jackson has a secret past; not really. He played with Journey back in the day; complete with afro and earring. Check out his solo below starting around 3:50. Watch American Idol tonight and meet another Osmond.
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