Jan 29, 2009

American Idol loves Salt Lake, and Salt Lake loves American Idol Judge Simon Cowell! American Idol visits Utah, the home of David Archuleta, the Osmond’s, and a creepy Goth girl. First is David Osmond, son of Alan. Both suffer from MS and that gorgeous pearly white smile. David snatches a golden ticket, but can he handle Hollywood? American Idol saw a Goth Idol wannabe who claims she has ESP, but “couldn’t see” she can’t sing. Taylor, the 16 year old from Samoa is going to Hollywood. I thought she had a beautiful voice and could win the American Idol crown. Rose Flack, 17 has a sad story. Her dad died when she was 13 and her mom died in a car accident when she was 15. Now she lives with friends until she heads for Hollywood. American Idol is on tonight with the last auditions before Hollywood week. Ryan said tonight’s American Idol will be the most dramatic yet. I hope so!


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