Jan 22, 2009

American Idol HollywoodImage via WikipediaAmerican Idol is back; from a boring Tuesday to a shocking Wednesday! Last night we saw screamers, dreamers and threats in the mix. At least that is how the American Idol judges saw it. Mark Mudd, the bad luck boy, told the judges to be careful. Simon and Paula freaked, thinking it was a threat. Must be that California air; makes them paranoid. Aaron Williamson, the “woo” screamer wanted to be the next top model, which was confusing to why an American Idol audition. I think both careers are out. Rebecca sang and the new American Idol judge, Kara, told everyone “she gets it” because Rebecca was the funny one in school. If Kara was trying to be funny, it didn’t work. Ross, the super nerd who thinks he can do anything, graciously accepted a drink of water from Paula’s cup, but the American Idol judge was horrified when he used her straw. Obviously, these 4 no-talents won’t see Hollywood via American Idol, but a few got the golden ticket. Matt, the American Idol wannabe from my home state of Michigan will be going. He had better find confidence or he won’t be going far. Leneshe Young, the poverty girl will be going with him. She is gorgeous and talented. This girl will go far. American Idol season 8 is underway. Hopefully there will be more shock than boring. I’m unconvinced the new American Idol judge is adding anything to the show, do you?
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  1. I agree it looks like it could be another season loaded with the crazy people. You might like this article about AI - http://lorenweisman-bge.blogspot.com/2009/01/american-idol-different-view.html

  2. I can't stand Kara. I wish someone would punch her in her face, thereby mussing up her 5 tons of eyeshadow.




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