Dec 11, 2008

American Idol doesn’t start for another month, but the drama has already begun! American Idol judge Paula Abdul is accusing Idol producers for letting a crazed fan get too close to her. Paula’s stalker, Paula Goodspeed, committed suicide near Paula Abdul’s home recently, and a very revealing interview has Paula claiming American Idol producers are responsible! What was Paula Abdul thinking? Even if everything she said is true, you don’t make public accusations like this when there’s an ongoing investigation. What does Simon Cowell think of all this? How will this affect season 8 of American Idol? Is this the end of American Idol for Paula?
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  1. hey, if you actually bother to listen to her interview, she did Not accuse fox/idol of anything. she just answered Barbaras questions about what happened. the "accusing" story was created in the tabloids. and what she said about simon- dont take that seriously. she even explained it herself on martha stewart. they have a love hate relationship. sometimes she hates him sometimes she loves him. its nothing new! if paula really hated simon she wouldnt still be sitting next to him! they have a 4th judge now, yet paula choses to Still sit next to simon, when she could be sitting between kara and randy.

  2. Hey Anonymous, thank you for your comments. I did listen to the interview. She says she feels the producers put her in peril (Barbara's words) for fun and to be funny (Paula's words). Her sitting next to Simon has nothing to do with them getting along. Every year, American Idol has some form of drama leading up to the start of the show.




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