Jan 14, 2009

American Idol Katrini Bikini GirlAmerican Idol premiered last night with a slew of new. I liked the way American Idol played the good, original song by the original artist before the American Idol wannabe slaughtered it during their audition. Sometimes you can’t tell what song it’s supposed to be and last night was no exception. We saw American Idol loser Randy, the rockin’ crybaby who wanted to get through on a sad story. Problem: his story wasn’t very sad. Michael Gurr was totally incoherent, sounding more like those little Gremlins than an actual singer. Katrina, the bikini girl came in and gave new American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi a lip full. Katrina is the this years’ American Idol “mean girl.” You either love her spunk or hate her arrogance. Bikini girl didn’t faze Kara DioGuardi. The new American Idol judge is Simon Cowell’s twin! She’ll call you sweetie then slam the door on your dreams without flinching. American Idol season 8 started a little slow, but I have hopes it will get more interesting as time goes on.
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