Nov 28, 2008

American Idol 8 begins January 13th, and David Cook is promoting it in a big way.
American Idol winner David Cook is cocky or confident; it all depends on who you ask, but he’s amazing in this commercial for American Idol season 8.
David is about to sing Light Onwhen the commercial rewinds and he is seen dreaming.
David Cook dreams about his fame, his time on American Idol, and then it’s back to singing on stage.
Watch David Cook in this awesome commercial for American Idol; well done!
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  1. whats awesome about it? i want new footage please, from the new season!

  2. Hey Anonymous! It is well thought out and put together; and very creative! Are you looking forward to the new season? What do you think of a 4th judge? I'm not feeling it.




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