May 21, 2008

Who won American Idol? David Cook!
Who won American Idol? This is the biggest question on everyone’s mind at the moment, unless of course you are not an American Idol fan.

It seems like yesterday we were watching the crazy American Idol auditions. American Idol hopefuls like the possessed Alexis, and Paula Abdul’s stalker Pauly. They both thought they really had a shot at winning the American Idol title.

Who Won American Idol?

Well, we now know who won American Idol. David Cook won the American Idol title; were you surprised? Did you feel David Archuleta should have won?

It really doesn’t matter who won American Idol because they got exposure and if they can sing, they’ll get a recording contract, too.

Look at Chris Daughtry; sometimes it doesn’t matter who won American Idol.


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