May 22, 2008

Overall, the American Idol Finale was awesome! Idol secured great stars with fantastic performances. The skits were hilarious and everything went pretty smoothly. On the flip side, the American Idol Finale had some ridiculous and downright “gawd” moments as well.

American Idol Finale Awesome!

David Cook winning American Idol! The Spiritual Guru Pitka was hilarious! He told David Cook to shave and Archuleta would soon have hair in strange places. Then he tried to shave David Cook. Ryan Seacrest handed keys to brand new Ford Hybrid vehicles to both Davids. Can Archie even drive? Jimmy Kimmel gave us his review of American Idol from Sanjaya and the valet parking joke to putting music to all the bad things Simon Cowell has said this season. David Cook and ZZ Top singing “Sharp Dressed Man” was another awesome moment! David Cook in the Guitar Hero commercial was oh, my, gosh, great. He actually did better than Tom Cruise when he danced in his underwear in Risky Business. Renaldo Lapuz was invited to the American Idol Finale to sing his famous “We’re Brothers Forever” joined by a school band and cheerleaders! George Michael’s “Praying for Time” performance was also very awesome!

American Idol Finale Ridiculous!

There weren’t too many ridiculous moments on the American Idol Finale last night, but there were a couple. The 6 American Idol girls sang with Donna Summers, and although I love Donna Summers, the 6 girls do not sing well together. Plus, Amanda Overmyer just looked like she didn’t want to be there. David Archuleta in the Guitar Hero commercial was ridiculous and a bit creepy! David Cook pulled it off, but young, innocent, soft spoken Archie just creeped me out! Jordin Sparks singing “One Step at a Time” was great; her dress was awful! Did you have to stop at a costume shop on the way to the Finale Jordin? That’s my take on the American Idol Finale. From awesome to ridiculous, there wasn’t a dull moment.


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