May 7, 2008

American Idol was full of drama last night. Maybe it was just a bad case of nerves, but Paula made one idol contestant cry and Simon says pack your bags to another! David Cook sang Hungry like the Wolf and I just love his voice. He didn’t do anything special, but he still sounded great.
  • Randy – was an okay song choice and just an okay performance.
  • Paula – the song left her with a big appetite.
  • Simon – it was a little bit copycat, but good enough to make it through.
Syesha Mercado sang Proud Mary. She is so cute and really working this song right down to the Tina Turner dress!
  • Randy – in the zone; nice!
  • Paula – looks like a star!
  • Simon – just a bad “shrieky” version, and a bad interpretation of Tina Turner.
Jason Castro sang I Shot the Sheriff. Of course dreads is doing a Marley song. He did change it up a bit, but I just don’t care for his voice.
  • Randy – dude, that was really karaoke.
  • Paula – performed for the audience, but not crazy about the performance.
  • Simon – that was utterly atrocious; the first round was a massacre!
David Archuleta sang Stand by Me. He didn’t do too badly, but I can’t get past his breathing.
  • Randy – that was hot!
  • Paula – something about him and being seasoned.
  • Simon – best performance so far.
David Cook sang Baba O’Riley and he was great!!!
  • Randy – this is the David Cook we’ve grown to love; that was great!
  • Paula – wants more David Cook. That’s a little creepy, Paula.
  • Simon – welcome back David Cook!

Paula Made One Cry!

Syesha Mercado sang A Change Is Gonna Come and she looks as beautiful as she sounds!
  • Randy – did not love the performance.
  • Paula – stood up, applauded, and said it was beautiful and made Syesha cry!
  • Simon – agreed with Paula and Syesha cried harder! Simon also said that Randy got that all wrong, and Ryan thanked Randy for the buzz kill. LOL

Simon Says Pack Your Bags!

Jason Castro sang Mr. Tambourine Man. Well, Jason tried to sing Mr. Tambourine Man, but he forgot most of the lyrics. I give him credit that he kept going and never stopped like Brooke White always did, but it was still bad.
  • Randy – not in the zone tonight.
  • Paula – you blow me away. Is that good or bad Paula?
  • Simon – says I’d pack your suitcase.
David Archuleta sang Love Me Tender and although he wasn’t bad, he wasn’t great either.
  • Randy – another great performance!
  • Paula – favorite performance so far.
  • Simon – you didn’t beat the competition, you crushed the competition.
There you have it for American Idol May 6th and all its drama. From Paula actually able to make one idol contestant cry to Simon flat out saying pack your bags to another.
Is Simon right? Will Jason Castro be leaving us tonight? Vote now!

Who Will Go Home?


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2008

    well yeah. obviously, jason needs to leave. but will he? im not so sure, not after what happened when brooke messed up and wasnt in even bottom 2. i honestly think syesha will leave

  2. It's sad, but I think you are right. They need to change the way voting works so it gets back to a singing competition and not a popularity contest.




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