May 8, 2008

American Idol begins with Ryan Seacrest trying very hard to be dramatic as usual and failing. I will attempt to blog about American Idol without boring you to tears. I, too, may fail as all the fillers were boring! Ryan tells us there were 51 million votes; the highest so far this season. He also tells us we got drama tonight, Maroon 5 and Bo Bice. Our lovable American Idol host questions Randy about being so hard on Syesha the night before. Randy said he didn’t make her cry, Paula did. Paula claims she helped Syesha with her moment of recognition, and Simon wasn’t angry, just disgusted with a few song choices. The Idol contestants came out to sing Reeling in the Years, and although I thought they didn’t sound too bad, they looked like puppets. They were awkward, it was cheesy, and David Archuleta looked like a deer in headlights because he obviously forgot where to jump in and start singing.

American Idol Results

David Archuleta is called out on stage and of course the little dweeb is safe. He really needs to spend more time in school because he is starting to sound like Paula. Saying tons of words, yet making no sense at all. After a clip of the Idol contestants in Las Vegas, David Cook was called out and thank goodness he is safe as well.

Phone Call Segment

We again have to sit through the phone in segment and the first caller wants to take David Cook out on a date. Yeah, ok, like that’s going to happen. Did she sound about 50 to you? The Idol’s were asked what their biggest challenge was, Syesha said stage fright, David A. mumbled something Bullwinkle-ish and Jason said something about being brain dead. Doh! Simon was asked why he hasn’t been knighted by the Queen and also if he would go into acting because he would be a great James Bond. Syesha said she couldn’t talk about something, and I swear they bleeped something she said out but I’m not positive. We watched Maroon 5 and Bo Bice perform and I wasn’t impressed with either song choice.

OMG America Woke Up!

Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro are on stage with Ryan Seacrest and again Ryan is dragging it out, but I guess he must follow orders. What I heard next was music to my ears. Syesha is in the top 3 while Jason Castro is headed for home. Jason was all smiles like he always is, and Ryan said that he looked relieved. Relieved is one thing, but what the heck was the matter with him when he sang his final song? He was dancing all around, playing with his hair, and not singing half the words. I am even more convinced it was time for him to go home! Thank goodness America woke up and had enough of Jason Castro and his antics!


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