May 4, 2008

American Idol has its fair share of gossip and dirt, but the show is also getting a load of anger, shock, and even theft in the name of American Idol! It could be for ratings or it all could be true, but the stories floating around about American Idol is almost jaw dropping, whaaaat?

American Idol Anger!

Someone’s angry over American Idol’s judge Paula Abdul. Oh, for shame! Some country artist, John Rich, is angry because Paula wasn’t attentive enough for his liking. Someone better bring John up to speed about Paula and American Idol. You can read more about why John Rich is infuriated here.

American Idol Shock!

If this American Idol tale shocks you then you probably should stop watching. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jason Castro is ready to go home. Again, oh for shame! EW’s Jessica Shaw spoke with Jason Monday afternoon and he told her rather nonchalantly that he’ll get around to practicing. Well Jason hopefully your teeny bopper voters will get around to not voting for you so you can be on your way. You can read more of this shocker here.

American Idol Theft!

According to police, a man used Kelly Clarkson’s name to steal a $50,000 pickup truck from a dealership on Thursday. The man called the dealership said he was Clarkson’s associate, somehow convinced the salesperson to drive the truck to the Westin Galleria where he ended up getting in and just driving away. You can read more of this whacko story here. Again, I have no idea which of these are true or which are stunts to boost ratings, but American Idol right now has its hands full of anger, shock, and theft.


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