May 1, 2008

American Idol is good, very good, but last night during the results show we saw genius. American Idol went into damage control mode after Paul Abdul’s screw up on Tuesday. All I can say about that is American Idol are truly geniuses when it comes to damage control. American Idol results show was a typical show where we watch Ryan Seacrest stretch things out to try and be dramatic, we’re entertained by special guest performances, and a Ford commercial and phone in segment are thrown in for fillers.

American Idol Damage Control Number One

The obvious damage control was very early on in the show and it was pulled off by Ryan Seacrest himself. He explained to us that:
  • the judges were thrown a curveball Tuesday night
  • the rumors and gossip he read on the Internet are not true
  • American Idol loves Paula Abdul
  • she is part of their family
Then Simon Cowell gave her a kiss and we thought all was well and good. This damage control was straight to the point with no beating around the bush.

American Idol Damage Control Number Two

Natasha Bedingfield entertained us with her song, Pocket Full of Sunshine and she was very good. Ryan gave her a gazillion kisses at the end of her performance and said good-bye.
Ryan walks over to the Idol contestants on the couch and you see that Natasha forgot her script for a second, turned around and made her way back across stage to sit by David A, give him a kiss and talk about prom.
Oh, that’s right; this is why we watch American Idol. It’s a popularity singing competition, and we’re the puppets who watch and vote and talk about the Idol contestants, not the judges. Okay Nigel, thank you for reminding us, because Natasha really cares about David A; gotcha.

American Idol Damage Control Number Three

We are bored to tears with the call-in segment, although some of us are silently wishing someone would ask Paula what her preferred beverage is, until the caller named Tara.
Who is Tara you ask? Well, Tara Miller, Simon’s first crush of course! What perfect timing for American Idol that Tara calls Simon on this night! Tara was Simon’s first kiss when he was just 9 years old, at the end of the garden.
Isn’t that just sweet? And what luck for American Idol!
I’ll give American Idol credit, they did a fantastic job on damage control, I’m sure some people didn’t even notice.
Neil Diamond’s performance of Pretty Amazing Grace was awesome and so was his statement to the Idol contestants to not listen to Simon. His mom was in da house, too!

American Idol Results

In between the damage control by American Idol, we see Jason Castro sent to the safe couch first. This is really annoying me because he just has an “I don’t care” attitude.
Next we see David Archuleta sent to the couch to sit by a smirking Jason. I was a little nervous when David Cook was called out next because I’ve never seen a results show before where both of the bottom two were left for last, but David Cook is safe.
Brooke and Syesha was the bottom two and Brooke is already crying. Could this be damage control number four? Was Brooke told ahead of time she was leaving and to give it all the tear jerking emotion she could muster?
Must be, because Brooke White was eliminated and Syesha will be joining the boys next week.
What a night! I am convinced (and impressed) that American Idol on damage control are pure geniuses!


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