May 12, 2008

Idol Judge Simon Cowell
American Idol judge Simon Cowell, you either love him or hate him, sometimes there’s an in between, but most often there’s not.
Simon Cowell, the strongest personality of the 3 American Idol judges considered suicide, according to some reports. Simon Cowell is the American Idol judge everyone loves to hate or hates to love. He is straight to the point and very honest which leaves some in tears and others mad as a wet hen. If you aren’t familiar with Simon Cowell, he loves to compare the Idol contestants with sometimes very strange things during his critiques. For instance mosquitoes because they are annoying or theme park singers because they’re forgettable.

Simon Cowell Considered Suicide?

People are saying Simon Cowell is a very brave man for his remarks to during one interview. I believe Simon is brave, but not because I think he considered suicide and lived to tell about it like some people are saying. What he said during his interview was this:
“I was always bored. I didn’t like rules. I didn’t like discipline. And so when someone said to me, ‘These are the best days of your life,’ I actually thought about jumping off a bridge. I was like, ‘If it gets any worse than this I’m done,’ because I hated school and I hated my life.”
Everyone is taking his “jumping off a bridge” statement to be that he considered suicide. If you know Simon Cowell or you don’t, it really doesn’t matter. That statement is one of those off the cuff kind of statements that doesn’t really mean much. Unless Simon Cowell comes right out and says that he actually considered suicide, I won’t believe any of these stories for a second. What are your thoughts? Do you really think Idol judge Simon Cowell considered suicide? You can read the entire interview here.


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