May 14, 2008

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The top 3 Idol contestants performed 3 songs each last night. The 3 judges chose one song for each, the Idol contestants themselves chose one song and the producers also chose one song for each of the contestants.

With American Idol and their biased song choices, you can clearly see the judges and producers favorites, as well as the unfavorable remarks from the judges after some outstanding performances.

Judges Song Choice

David Archuleta – Paula Abdul chose “And So It Goes” to showcase his talent. Hopefully going first will be the kiss of death, but this isn’t a show about talent anymore.
  • Randy said it was a dope song and he was in the zone.
  • Paula said it was a pure and stunning performance.
  • Simon said it was very good, a bit predictable; just good, not outstanding.
Syesha Mercado – Randy chose “If I Ain’t Got You” and she has an amazing voice, too bad this isn’t a talent competition.
  • Randy said it was an amazing performance and he’s happy she is peaking at the right time.
  • Paula applauded her.
  • Simon said she sang it very well and she looked gorgeous!
David Cook – Simon chose “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” because it’s a tough song and David can handle it. I thought he would change it up, but he didn’t do much.
  • Randy said it needed more rock.
  • Paula said it’s about him.
  • Simon said it was one of his best performances; Round 1 goes to Cook and Cowell.

Idol Contestants Song Choice

David Archuleta chose “With You” just for something different. It was and he was stumbling all over the words.
  • Randy said it wasn’t the right song.
  • Paula said he did a great job.
  • Simon said it was like a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger and it was awkward.
Syesha Mercado chose “Fever” because she liked the vibe and she wants to work the chair. She did work that chair and she was great!
  • Randy said it was an interesting song choice and she sang it amazingly well.
  • Paula was surprised with the song choice.
  • Simon said she will probably regret this song choice.
David Cook chose “Switchfoot” because lyrically it wraps up the whole experience. I love his voice, but I thought he was just okay so far tonight.
  • Randy said it wasn’t his best; a little pitchy.
  • Paula said it felt like he just got to the beginning and it was over.
  • Simon said all 3 contestants just had an okay round.

Producers Song Choice

David Archuleta – the producers chose “Longer” for unknown reasons. It sounds like he’s getting a little winded to me.
  • Randy said it was an interesting song choice, but it was hot.
  • Paula said it was a lovely performance.
  • Simon said he sang it very well, but the song and lyrics were horrible.
Syesha Mercado – the producers chose “Hit Me Up” and I thought she did great. IMO Syesha was very strong and did an excellent job all night.

  • Randy said it was just okay for him.
  • Paula said she did the song very well.
  • Simon said it was better than the second song, but her best was last week.
David Cook – the producers chose “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and I thought he did okay. I guess I was expecting more from him tonight.
  • Randy said it was just okay for him.
  • Paula said see you in the finals.
  • Simon said David Cook wins the night and with that came a standing ovation.
Who do you think had the best night? Without worrying about song choices, which Idol contestant had the strongest performances? I would love to hear your comments on that.

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