May 15, 2008

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest tried to get the drama going by telling us there were 56 million votes Tuesday night. Granted that is a lot, but we all knew which top 2 were going to be in the American Idol finale.

American Idol Top 2 Revealed!

Just as everyone predicted, the showdown next week will be between the two David’s. David Cook and David Archuleta will be competing for the American Idol title. Although Syesha will have an awesome career I was still clinging to that last shred of hope that people would actually vote for the best singer/performer and not vote based on clouded vision. That obviously didn’t happen, so if American Idol wants to continue to be the number one show during its run, they better revamp the voting rules. Go back to one vote per phone line or vote for the Idol contestant you want to go home.

Simon Cowell Shocker!

Did you see Simon Cowell last night? Did you see what Simon was wearing? This American Idol results show wasn’t even the finale! Simon Cowell was in a nice, white dress shirt! Yup, Simon wasn’t wearing his signature tight Tee! And I must say he looked just a bit hot! Speaking of hot, did you see Fantasia’s hair? What did she trip and fall into? I never understood why Fantasia won American Idol. She was strutting around the stage last night like a chicken; she is one kooky bird!

Baby Hurling on American Idol!

The American Idol contestants went to their respective hometowns for a big celebration, and a big celebration they got! David Archuleta headed for Murray, Utah. He is so not ready for fame, but I loved the Mayor’s handlebar! David, if you are going to be an Idol, you need to get rid of your nervous, cheesy laugh. Syesha Mercado went back to Sarasota, Florida where she got a cool helicopter ride and a baby hurled at her! Yes, a woman hurled her baby in the arms of a very shocked Syesha just so she could get a picture. Get real people, your babies are real and they can break! David Cook flew back to Blue Springs, Missouri, where he had a huge turnout. Hey was that the Sanjaya “crier” Ashley and the Colonel Sanders? I still don’t know what David Cook finally “got” after Randy talked to him about his Switchfoot performance. Hmmmm… There you have it for another American Idol results show. We have our top 2 Idol contestants, we found out Simon looks hot in a dress shirt, and that people are flippin’ crazy when it comes to babies and celebrities! One week left; who will be our next American Idol?


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