Apr 21, 2008

American Idol season 6 winner Jordin Sparks has a career threatening throat injury and has had to cancel several shows including an Earth Day show in Washington, DC. Sparks, just 18 years old, is well on her way to stardom in her own right, and she also had to cancel one of her most important shows of her career; the first night of the Alicia Keys tour where she is the opening act on Saturday.

Jordin Sparks Career Threatening Throat Injury

The NY Post is reporting that Jordin is suffering from an acute vocal cord hemorrhage. The pennhealth.com website describes that as:
Bleeding in the vocal cord can be a serious problem. Vocal cord hemorrhaging is a complication of laryngitis caused when a person who has laryngitis uses their voice at the height of infection. Treatment is similar to laryngitis, rest, hydration, antibiotics or steroids, but some severe cases may require laser microsurgery.
Jordin Sparks has been ordered not to perform until her condition improves for fear of permanent damage to her vocal cords. You can read more of the story at the NY Post. Hang in there Jordin and don’t let a little throat injury threaten your career! UPDATE: According to MTV.ca website, Jordin is on vocal rest, there's no career threatening situation, and she will join the Alicia Keys tour in May. You can read the full story Here.


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