Apr 23, 2008

American Idol contestants met with Andrew Lloyd Webber and I wasn’t looking forward to this week. I hate musicals and I thought Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber was a bit stuffy, prim, and too proper of a man. Boy was I wrong! Andrew Lloyd Webber is actually very, very funny! I feel like he’s my new best friend after last night’s American Idol episode. The Idol contestants met with him at The Phantom in Las Vegas to get their mentoring on, and it was hilarious.

Idol Mentor Andrew Lloyd Webber Not Stuffy!

Andrew Lloyd Webber remarks about Jason Castro had me laughing out loud. He said he never thought he would see a man in dreadlocks sing Memory, adding that it was a bit of a jolt. Lord Webber knows what dreadlocks are? I thought he was dead on when he called Brooke White a wonderful, natural actress. Yeah, let that sink in for a second. What was hilarious though was when he looked directly in the camera and said she didn’t have a clue what she was singing about. Don’t worry Lord Andrew, she never does! Andrew Lloyd Webber was smirking a bit when he said he couldn’t wait to hear David Archuleta sing Think of Me, as it was written for a diva, and he couldn’t imagine a boy singing it. He also had two pieces of advice for David. One, keep your eyes open and two, keep your eyes open. Do you think David got it? The best part of the night though is when Andrew Lloyd Webber told David Cook to imagine that he (Lord Andrew) was a gorgeous 17 year old to which David started laughing.

How Did The Idol Contestants Handle Andrew Lloyd Webber Tunes?

Syesha Mercado sang One Rock ‘n Roll Too Many and she brought the house down just as Andrew Lloyd Webber predicted.
  • Randy said she could be a huge Broadway star.
  • Paula said she brought the house down.
  • Simon said it was very sexy!
Jason Castro sang Memory and Lord Andrew had his doubts with this one. I agree; I didn’t like it.
  • Randy said it was a vocal train wreck.
  • Paula said bad song choice – good song choice? Huh?
  • Simon said it was the longest 2 minutes of his life. It sounded like mom and dad made him sing a song he didn’t want to sing at a wedding.
Brooke White sang You Must Love Me. I can see Lord Andrew shrinking in his chair because she forgot the words and had to start over. Smooth one Brooke.
  • Randy said vocally it was tough.
  • Paula said never start and then stop; keep going even when you mess up.
  • Simon said her voice was straining because she was tense and that she will be disappointed when she goes back and watches it over.
David Archuleta sang Think Of Me and I thought he was thinking too much about keeping his eyes open. He also mumbled parts of that song, but the judges never said anything about it; partial much?
  • Randy said this is the one to beat.
  • Paula said perfect.
  • Simon said it was pleasant, but one of his weakest performances. Finally the truth!
Carly Smithson screamed (Jesus Christ) Superstar. Yes, screamed, not sang.
  • Randy said it wasn’t his favorite.
  • Paula said she loved what she did with the chorus?
  • Simon said it was a little shout-y but he liked the performance. Someone threw a Simon Loves Me (this week) shirt at her? Not sure how she got it, but it was corny.
David Cook sang Music Of The Night. He didn’t put the cookie spin on it, but he wasn’t too bad.
  • Randy said molten hot!
  • Paula said he has a beautiful instrument.
  • Simon said you made the most of the song you were given.
Crazy and surprising American Idol episode me this week, and I even have a new best friend; Andrew Lloyd Webber!
Did your opinion change after watching last night’s show? Which Idol contestants are your pick for the bottom? Leave me some comments!

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