Apr 24, 2008

Idol contestant Syesha Mercado was robbed, so if you missed the American Idol results show last night, consider yourself lucky. It was nothing more than a sham and a slap in the face to the idol contestants who are actually talented. Ryan Seacrest started the show stating that Tuesday night’s performances were one of the most dramatic shows yet. Ok, Ryan, give Paula back her sippy cup. The only drama is when Archie mumbles the second verse and doesn’t get called out on it and Brooke is “human” when she blows the lyrics to her song. Ryan goes on to say there were 38 million votes. I’m wondering at this point how many of them were actually counted. Ryan kissing Simon Cowell was hysterical, but what else could they possibly do to detract from all the negative attention; really!?!? The 6 Idol contestants are gathered on stage ready to sing All I Ask of You with my new best friend Andrew Lloyd Webber at the piano. Did you see him cringe towards the end of the song? Yeah, the Idol contestants may be good, but not as a group. Ryan Seacrest and Andrew Lloyd Webber pull up their stools and have a little chat on stage. Lord Andrew looked very nervous to me like he is having a hard time remembering his lines. Ryan told him that this has never happened before on American Idol, referring to Brooke starting, stopping and restarting her song. That is garbage because Brooke did that a few weeks prior with Every Breath You Take. Andrew Lloyd Webber defended her and said she was flawless in rehearsal. Ok, Lord Andrew, you’re moving down on the best friend marker pole with statements like that. But, he redeemed himself when he agreed with Simon regarding Jason Castro’s “curious” song choice, and he doubts that Jason would have listened to him no matter what he had to say. We have a President Bush and first lady Laura moment and then on with the results.

American Idol Results

We are starting with both of the David’s and we find out they are safe. Ryan asked Simon if he still thought Archie’s performance was weak and forgettable, and just like a perfectly choreographed stunt, Simon spits. LOL Ryan stops for a moment to let us know that former Idol contestant Tamyra Grey is in RENT, and Clay Aiken is in Spamalot. Leona Lewis, another Simon and Clive discovery, performed Bleeding Love and she is fantastic. I loved the flam-age going on; it reminded me of a wild WWE night. Oops, she grabbed some hands in the mosh pit, I see Chikeze cringing! Oh, Simon, your girl is being cheesy!

Idol Contestant Syesha Robbed!

Ryan brings Syesha and Brooke to the stage in what to me is an obvious choice for the bottom two. Syesha clearly out sung Brooke Tuesday night, but again, I am feeling a Michael Johns moment of shock when it is announced that Syesha is in the bottom 2. I agree with Paula when she said some Idols have a larger fan base, and just because Syesha is in the bottom two, she should still be proud of her performance. But, Syesha was robbed as she should have never been in the bottom this week. Everyone was stunned, and it was written all over Syesha’s face. She knows there’s nothing she can do now to please the voters. It’s not about talent anymore, because her performance on Tuesday was fantastic. Randy also voiced what everyone is obviously thinking; it’s become a popularity contest. Carly and Jason come out next and I really didn’t know which way this was going to go, nor did I care after the whole Syesha travesty. Carly ends up in the bottom with Syesha, but it should have been Brooke in the bottom along with Carly. Carly Smithson was eliminated this week, and although I felt Brooke deserved to go home, I am happy Syesha will be around for another week. Next week Neil Diamond will be mentoring the 5 remaining Idol contestants. What do you think? Based on Tuesday night’s performance, did Syesha get robbed by landing in the bottom two? Or do you think it is okay American Idol is just a popularity contest now? That’s probably why Simon is leaving American Idol, he probably hates the direction the show is going; I know I do.


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