Apr 19, 2008

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd-Webber is huge and he is coming to mentor the Idol contestants this week. Will it be another “boys outdo the girls” week, or is this the girls’ revenge week? Andrew Lloyd Webber is a very, very successful British composer of musical theater. He has had musicals run for decades and he has earned many, many awards, including three Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, and an Oscar.

What Will The Idol Contestants Sing?

Baron Lloyd-Webber has an almost over-whelming collection to choose from and I don’t envy the Idol contestants at all this week. What in the world are these 6 remaining Idol contestants going to sing? Will David Archuleta attempt Superstar? Or will David Cook spin Don’t Cry For Me Argentina into something amazing? How about Jason Castro singing Gus: The Theater Cat? Syesha will belt any one of those songs out fantastically, while it will be another boring performance from Brooke, and Carly will just scream or be angry or whatever she does best. What will the Idol contestants sing and how will they measure up performing Andrew Lloyd Webber tunes?


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