Apr 17, 2008

American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook was eliminated on last night’s results show, and you can watch the teary elimination video below. It really wasn’t a huge surprise that Kristy was eliminated, but it would have been nice to say good-bye to Brooke or Carly first. At least Kristy isn’t as annoying as those two.
When Ryan started separating the Idol contestants into groups, it really wasn’t obvious at first which ones would be in the bottom 3. I knew David Cook wouldn’t be, but I thought Brooke and/or Kristy would be in the bottom 3.
As soon as Ryan switched Syesha and David it was very obvious who were in the bottom 3. Syesha should not have been there, it should have been Brooke, Kristy, and Carly, with Carly getting the boot.

The Wrong Idol Contestant Went Home

Please tell me why Carly is still around? It’s painful to watch her strain and struggle with her performances, and she is annoying when she argues with the judges. Although it was no surprise that Kristy was eliminated, I feel once again the wrong Idol contestant is going home.
Syesha has a great voice so I just don’t understand why she is in the bottom every week, especially after this week’s performance. The judges gave her a better review than they gave Carly. Simon even said Syesha was very, very good. So, someone needs to explain to me why Syesha is always at the bottom.
Watch the teary video of Kristy’s elimination below and try to ignore Brooke and her little hissy fit.


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