Apr 16, 2008

We’re down to 7 American Idol contestants as they try to do Mariah Carey songs this week. I haven’t been a big fan of Mariah Carey ever since her “spotlight” on an episode of Cribs. I do like her songs however. Ryan starts the show saying they are still feeling the shock of Michael John’s departure which caused another round of boos from the audience. Of course the booing could have been aimed at Ryan and his comment he made last week. Noble Ryan follows up with blaming the voters and giving us all an “I told you so” lesson of the night. We can’t assume anyone is safe, so vote, vote, vote. Ok, Ryan, we’re sorry. We hear a bit about Mariah and selling over a hundred gazillion chart toppers or something like that and surpassing Elvis. Mariah will only surpass Elvis on paper, sorry.

American Idol Contestants Do Mariah Carey

David Archuleta sang Believe and it was the same old story; boring. He’s not original, he’s repetitive and predictable, but you’ll never hear that from the judges. Well, maybe Simon at some point.
  • Randy said he can sing anything; that was the bomb.
  • Paula said he made Mariah proud.
  • Simon said it was very, very good.
Carly Smithson told Ryan how it was boring without Michael then she sang Without You. She was all over the place, and it sounded strained, and it looked like she was struggling.
  • Randy said she has big vocals, but she needs to support her low range. It was pretty good.
  • Paula said something about liking her vocal restraint?
  • Simon said he didn’t think she pulled it off and then we get to listen to Carly argue with him.
Syesha Mercado sang Vanishing. She has an awesome voice and I think she is fantastic.
  • Randy said it was the toughest song and she did a good job!
  • Paula said it was smart to choose an unfamiliar song and it was magical.
  • Simon said it was very, very good.
Brooke White sang Hero. Oh, Boo Hoo, she missed her sister’s wedding. Her performance was boring. There’s nothing new here.
  • Randy said he dug it until the bridge.
  • Paula said she is authentic to who she is???
  • Simon said it was a bit like ordering a hamburger and only getting the bun, and her voice isn’t strong enough. Yeah, Simon, totally agree!
Kristy Lee Cook sang Forever. Mariah said it gave her chills when she heard Kristy sing the song. I didn’t think she started out very well and it sounded pitchy, but it wasn’t too bad.
  • Randy said there were a couple of pitchy parts, but she definitely stepped up at the end.
  • Paula said she was blown away.
  • Simon said it didn’t give him the chills, it was a little whiney at times, and it just wasn’t great.
David Cook sang Always Be My Baby and what can I say? I loved it! He made it his own, and he sounded great. A lot of people are criticizing David’s performance saying it’s the same “rock it up” version with every song, but these are the same Archie lovers listening to his boring, unoriginal performances every week.
  • Randy said he is ready to make an album now! And he also gave his first standing ovation.
  • Paula said that song could easily be on an album.
  • Simon said it was a breath of fresh air; it was original, and outstanding. Great potential artist! And with that, and probably his brother Adam in the audience, David Cook got a bit teary eyed.
Jason Castro sang I Don’t Want To Cry. I sure don’t get all the hoopla over this guy, I would much rather watch David Cook perform. Jason just looks too cheesy and sixtyish.
  • Randy said he didn’t love it. It reminded him of a beech luau.
  • Paula said she would love to be at that luau. Little creepy, Paula.
  • Simon agreed with Paula and that shocked me and everyone else.
That’s a wrap up of the American Idol contestants doing Mariah Carey and the judges reactions to their performances.
What do you think? Did the guys outdo the girls as Simon stated? Who will be in the bottom 3 tonight and which Idol contestant is going home?

Who Will Be In The Bottom 3?

Who Will Be Eliminated?


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