Apr 11, 2008

Idol contestant Michael Johns was eliminated last night, and from what I've been reading this morning, I'm not the only one shocked by this outcome. The look on everyone's face when it was announced that Michael Johns would be the one leaving was also quite revealing. Audience members booed, gave the thumbs down, and even Paula Abdul sat there with her mouth hanging open. Michael Johns has been consistently more good than bad, so to see him even in the bottom 3 was a little shocking. I am so sick of Idol contestants landing in the bottom 3 or being eliminated for poor song choice. That was basically it, because if it was for singing ability for Tuesday night’s performances, then Carly Smithson would be on her way home right now, not Michael Johns. The other incident that has people up in arms is the remark Ryan Seacrest made after announcing that Michael was eliminated. Ryan made a remark that no Idol was eliminated last year during the Idol Gives Back week. Was this another shocking stunt? Was Ryan going to say that Michael Johns did get the lowest number of votes yet won’t be going home because we won’t really eliminate any Idol because of the Idol Gives Back? Most people thought so including Michael because he looked at Ryan with a little hope in his eyes. But, Ryan finished with the fact that Michael Johns is going home. If Ryan was trying to tease, that was very cruel. If he was just stating a fact, then it was poor timing. I for one am shocked that Michael Johns was eliminated. Carly Smithson should have been the one leaving. I really wonder how American Idol’s phone voting system is set up because it’s obviously not working. Either that or America is tone deaf.


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