Apr 13, 2008

I’ve been reading a lot about Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Terri Seymour, and none of it is good news. Not for Terri anyway, but great for the rest of the Idol judge fanatics. So what are these rumors that Simon Cowell may soon be available?

has a long article about the possible breakup between the American Idol judge Simon Cowell and model Terri Seymour. They’ve been dating since 2002, but it doesn’t sound like it is going to go on another 6 years.
What I find odd about this story is that Terri knew from the beginning that Simon didn’t want marriage or kids. Terri wants marriage and children, yet she stays with him.

She is also discouraged over his hectic work schedule and not having any input in designing or furnishing his new home. Give it up Terri; you’re not going to change Simon.

Max Clifford, a spokesperson for Simon Cowell, said he has talked to Simon and says everything is fine between him and Terri Seymour. So, don’t anyone go calling for Simon Cowell just yet, it may just be another nasty rumor.

Don’t worry Simon, you’re still hot and we still love you.

Simon Cowell


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