Apr 10, 2008

American Idol’s “Idol Gives Back” charity show aired last night and I’ve been reading a ton of articles and posts to see if anyone felt the same as I. I felt the Idol Gives Back show was a bit boring and tacky. What I have been reading all morning matched my thoughts and more. Not only did a lot of people think the Idol Gives Back was boring and tacky, they thought it was a bit controversial, too!
The idea of American Idol’s charity show is a great one, don’t get me wrong. Bringing awareness to important issues like poverty, aids, literacy, and more is a noble one, but there is a little thing called tact.
Idol Gives Back
For instance Snoop Dogg love ya, but did you have to use that microphone? If you had to have it, then donating it at the end of your performance would have been an awesome gesture. We don’t need to see all your bling on a charity show discussing poverty.

Billy Ray Cyrus what were you thinking? Billy Ray and daughter Miley Cyrus went to Clay County in Kentucky. They visited with a family living in awful conditions to put it mildly. So, you would think to leave a pair of gazillion dollar sunglasses and jacket in the car before entering their home, right? Wrong. And even if they didn’t cost a gazillion dollars, they looked like it, and that’s all that matters. I’m not saying Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus don’t care, I’m sure they care a great deal, but someone should have been paying closer attention here. They were both completely over-dressed for this visit.
Not to hype on the Cyrus family, but when Miley sang her song See You Again, it sort of creeped me out. I love that song on the radio, but seeing Miley perform was a bit disturbing. I’m still thinking that Miley is 12, but her performance looked more like a Janis Joplin; the head banging, stomping around, and screaming that song kind of Janis Joplin. And why did she keep looking to her left? Was David Archuleta’s dad standing there critiquing? Anyway, love ya girl, but you’re not allowed to grow up, it’s just not right.
Some of the better performances on Idol Gives Back got both praise and criticism. I loved the “skit” between Billy Crystal and Miley Cyrus. It was SO funny. He kept getting her name wrong; he nailed her then she would nail him. Too funny!
Terri Hatcher and the band was fun, too. I never heard of the Band From TV
before, so I was surprised when I saw a lot of familiar faces. Robin Williams was hilarious, but a lot of people didn’t think so from what I’ve been reading. I don’t care, I think he is brilliant! Jimmy Kimmel introducing Simon Cowell’s segment was great, too. He roasted Simon pretty well, from his clothes, to his hair, and more.
Idol Gives Back, which ran over-time, ended with the Idols performing Shout To The Lord. Apparently there are a few people up in arms over the song choice, but I don’t see the big deal. Some are saying it is controversial because it is a Christian song, others say it is controversial because they switched the word Lord with Shepherd. Either way, I thought they did a great job.
Don’t forget to watch tonight’s results show to see which Idol contestant is getting the boot. I saw an interesting video on accesshollywood.com with David Foster. He gave us his prediction for who will be going home tonight. I must say I was a little shocked but happy at the same time.


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