Apr 9, 2008

The whiners must go home this week. There should be a new rule for the next American Idol, and that is accept criticism with grace and learn from it, don’t whine and argue and blame everyone else for your shortcomings. With the new rule in place, then Idol contestants Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and Brooke White will be in the bottom 3 on Thursday. The ultimate whiner, Carly Smithson, will be on her way home. The Idol contestants chose inspirational songs and for all the song choices they had, not one of them was fantastic in my opinion. Even David Cook who I absolutely love didn’t “wow” me this week. Michael Johns sang Dream On and although I didn’t think he did badly, I thought he looked uncomfortable in the beginning. Later he started screaming instead of singing, and I was the one uncomfortable.
  • Randy said pitch problems; not an Aerosmith singer.
  • Paula said she couldn’t disagree more, he sounds as good as he looks.
  • Simon said it was a good performance, but he doesn’t like him impersonating a rock star.
Syesha Mercado sang I Believe. I thought she did a good job. I really like her voice.
  • Randy said it was just okay.
  • Paula said it was one of her most shining nights.
  • Simon said she sang it very well, but it lacked emotion.
Jason Castro sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I thought it was boring and corny! The judges are obviously drinking something other than Coke.
  • Randy said that was molten hot
  • Paula said most definitive something or other.
  • Simon said it was fantastic.
Kristy Lee Cook sang Anyway. She has a pretty good voice, but I don’t see a personality with this girl.
  • Randy said he loved it and it was really, really, really good.
  • Paula said she outdid herself.
  • Simon said it was very, very good indeed, and she looked like a star tonight.
David Cook sang Innocent. I hope he has proved himself this far because I did not like this song or his performance at all. Come on David fans, keep him in the competition!
  • Randy said it wasn’t one of his strongest weeks.
  • Paula said he is the whole package.
  • Simon said he didn’t like the performance very much and he thought David looked pompous.
Carly Smithson sang The Show Must Go On. Still annoying; still screaming the songs. Now we get to listen to her argue with the judges or blame someone or something else for her awful performance.
  • Randy said it was just ok for him.
  • Paula agreed and said she didn’t feel the connection.
  • Simon said she over sang the song and it came out angry. Yup, there it is. Carly blamed Simon for her bad performance. Said she looked at him during the song and lost it. Buh-bye Carly.
David Archuleta sang Angels. He might be the most popular, but he can’t hit the low notes at all. He can’t hit the very high notes either, so he needs to be careful of his song choices.
  • Randy said it was crazy hot and he loved it.
  • Paula said it was fantastic.
  • Simon said it was the best song choice of the night, but it was a bit nasally.
Brooke White sang You’ve Got A Friend and she better hope she does. The only emotion I felt through her performance was sadness. Now she wants everyone to feel pity for her; sympathy votes here please. Not!
  • Randy said he wasn’t mad at her, but it wasn’t the best.
  • Paula said very definitive?
  • Simon said it wasn’t original, but it was pleasant.
The Idol contestants get an extra day to worry as the usual Wednesday night results show is being replaced by the Idol Gives Back special. The results show will be on Thursday this week.
Another week; another elimination. Who do you think will be leaving us on Thursday?

Who Is Leaving?


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