Apr 6, 2008

Ramiele Malubay had a lot to reveal to American Idol after she was eliminated. One thing I thought was interesting from her exit interview is that instead of going home to be with family and friends, she will possibly be moving in with Danny Noriega. Awww, Ramiele and Danny are going to be roomies! Other than the obvious reason of wanting to continue to pursue a singing career in LA, another possible reason for rooming with Danny is so she doesn’t have to listen to her family regarding her American Idol experience. Particularly listen to them regarding her song choices. Ramiele revealed she listened to her family way too much at first when it came to song choice. Apparently this happens more often than not with Idol contestants. Seems like maybe the David Archuleta, dad from Hades rumor could be true no matter how much he denies it. Ramiele did not read anything about herself online as it only added to the already immense pressure she felt. Not only did she have to live up to her family’s expectations, but also to the Asian-Americans who were rooting for her success. She was asked who she thought would be our next American Idol, but she said there were very talented people this year and she it’s anyone’s to win.


  1. well i hope she will make it, her fans should prove that there's more life after voting for her.. e.g. buying her songs at itunes. saw her official website http://www.ramieleofficial.com




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