Apr 2, 2008

The Idol rockers dominated performing Dolly Parton hits last night! But, there’s really nothing much more to say before the top 9 recap. Ryan tried to do a lame April Fool’s Joke, but then they pretty much jumped right into the show. Dolly Parton was the mentor and the Idol contestants performed 9 or her top hits. And please ignore my previous post as the rumor mill was pretty much wrong on which Idol would be singing which Dolly Parton hit. Brooke White sang Jolene, and I thought she didn’t do very well. She was boring, her voice was cracking and she had almost no emotion at all.
  • Randy said she had pitch problems and it was just all right for him.
  • Paula said she was consistent. She didn’t specify if that was good or bad.
  • Simon said it lacked emotion.
David Cook sang Little Sparrow. I wasn’t familiar with the song, but I liked his performance. It shows that David is extremely talented and can perform anything they throw at him.
  • Randy said he has unbelievable range and it was hot!
  • Paula said he was fantastic
  • Simon said it wasn’t as good as last week, but he made a Sparrow song sound good.
Ramiele Malubay sang Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? I thought she sounded good. I really like Ramiele’s voice.
  • Randy said he wasn’t mad at her? He gave her a 6 ½ out of 10.
  • Paula said she connected with the audience.
  • Simon said it was cute, she sang it well, but it was forgettable.
Jason Castro sang Travelin Thru. I’m not sure if I liked it or not, but Jason is a bit boring. Everyone says he is making it by every week because of his personality, but I didn’t even see that last night.
  • Randy said it started rough, but it was pretty good.
  • Paula said it was his strongest performance.
  • Simon didn’t like it, and said he didn’t sing it well.
Carly Smithson sang Here You Come Again. The thick accent is sickening, only because if you heard her way back when as Carly Hennessy, there wasn’t a very thick accent.
  • Randy said it was her best performance.
  • Paula said OMG!
  • Simon said it was good not great, and she needs to talk to whoever is dressing her.
David Archuleta sang Smokey Mountain Memories. He didn’t impress me at all; course he never does. He’s about as boring as Jason.
  • Randy said it was his best performance. (Starting to sound like a broken record, Randy).
  • Paula said he has amazing tone.
  • Simon said he was on the money this week.
Kristy Lee Cook sang Coat of Many Colors. I thought for a “country” singer, David “the rocker” did a better job performing Dolly’s songs.
  • Randy said it was Kristy Lee week.
  • Paula said it was her best performance.
  • Simon said it was pleasant, but forgettable.
Syesha Mercado sang I Will Always Love You. She has such an awesome voice, and I thought she belted that song out no matter what Simon says.
  • Randy said she did pretty good.
  • Paula said she has a velvety tone to her voice.
  • Simon said 1st part was good, 2nd part paled to Whitney’s version.
Michael Johns sang Its All Wrong, But It’s All Right. I didn’t know the song, but I thought he did ok.
  • Randy said it was a blazing hot performance
  • Paula said it was a great amazing song; blue star. And, he is gorgeous.
  • Simon said it was the best he has heard him sing.
So, what do you think? Which one will be going home tonight? Or, which one do you want to go home tonight? Or do you even think the Idol rockers dominated the show last night?

Who Is Going Home?


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