Apr 1, 2008

Ever since I found out the Idol contestants were going to sing Dolly Parton hits, I’ve been wondering which song David Cook would choose to put his spin on and perform. If what I am reading on celebridiot.com is true, we might be in for another “wow” week.
I don’t like country music, but I do like Dolly Parton and most of her songs. I think 2 of my favorites are Islands in the Stream and Coat of Many Colors. The one song I was hoping David wouldn’t sing was 9 to 5. I like the song, but it’s been done way too many times in my opinion.
All 3 songs will be performed tonight if the song choice rumors are true, and one of my favorites, Coat of Many Colors, is going to be sung by one of my least favorite Idol contestants.
So, according to celebridiot.com the Idols will be performing the following Dolly Parton hits tonight.
  • David Cook will be singing... But You Know I Love You
  • Syesha Mercado will be singing... Eagle When She Flies
  • Michael Johns will be singing... Islands in the Stream
  • Ramiele Malubay will be singing... 9 to 5
  • Kristy Lee Cook will be singing... Two Doors Down
  • Jason Castro will be singing... I Will Always Love You
  • David Archuleta will be singing... Travelin Thru
  • Carly Smithson will be singing... Jolene
  • Brooke White will be singing... Coat of Many Colors
Again David Archuleta chooses a not so well known song; to me anyway. Syesha chose a very, very slow song. I hope she can spruce it up somehow, or it’s going to be a boring performance.
We shall see if these are in fact the songs chosen by the Idol contestants, or if they’re just another rumor like the ones from last week.


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