Mar 30, 2008

David Cook will definitely have his hands full when he performs this week. Dolly Parton will be mentoring the Idol contestants as they will be singing her hit songs on Tuesday. David Cook was amazing when he performed Billie Jean on American Idol last week. Randy said David's performance was the most bold and original and he and Paula said David Cook could win the whole thing. Simon also agreed and said David's performance was absolutely amazing. Will the judges be amazed this week when the Idol contestants sing a Dolly Parton hit song? Just how amazing is David Cook and can he outperform last week? Which Dolly Parton hit should David put his rock spin on? Hopefully David won't sing 9 to 5, as that one has been way overdone. I don't like country music at all, but I love the song Coat Of Many Colors. I'm just not sure how David could spin that one. Well, Kristy Lee Cook is probably smiling, but I think David Cook will have his hands full of Dolly Parton this week. If he pulls this off and does a better job than Kristy or the other country singer types, it is going to be hilarious.


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