Mar 27, 2008

American Idol certainly covered every rumor flying around, didn't they? So, did you buy any of it? I certainly didn't.
American Idol Contestant Blames The Spanx!
I can believe that Carly Smithson is not pregnant, but to blame Spanx for her "deer in headlights" glaze? It is so ridiculous; you almost have to believe it. But, that's what she told Ryan Seacrest, so it must be true. Right...
I'm sure the makers of Spanx are very happy with that excuse. Since this product was made for not only fashion, but comfort as well. I'm sure Sara Blakely will be the first one in line to buy one of your Cd's Carly.

But I Love That Song!
If you believe that's ridiculous, then you probably think the call in portion of American Idol was a little too coincidental, as well. One call came in for Idol contestant David Archuleta asking him why he chose to sing "You're The Voice" by David Foster. He said that was his favorite song. Okay David, totally believe that. I almost stopped watching the show after it was announced that Brooke and Carly were safe instead of at least landing in the bottom 3, but it's like a train wreck, ya just can't stop.
The Bottom 3 Were
Chikezie, Syesha Mercado, and Jason Castro landed on the hot seats. I was shocked to see Syesha in the bottom 3 this week when she was so outstanding singing "If I Were Your Woman" the night before. All the judges gave her rave reviews, and they were all pretty much confused by this outcome as well. When it was all said and done, Chikezie got the boot. Simon Cowell told him to not underestimate how smart the public are who watch this show. Well, they can't be too smart if Syesha landed in the bottom 3, Simon. That's another American Idol results show, leaving us with 9 Idol hopefuls. Remember Idol Gives Back is scheduled for April 9, 2008. Don't let the fact that Brad Pitt will be there deter you from watching. Just remember it is for charity, so we can stomach him for one night.


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