Mar 13, 2008

What was former Idol Katharine McPhee thinking? Everyone's talking today how Katharine McPhee looked uncomfortable tugging at her dress. No, she was LOOKING for her dress! Obviously someone swiped half of it, because what she had on was no where near a full dress. Thank goodness I wasn't in the front row! David Foster was so supportive of her talent, yeah, ok. Burning question, why was she singing a George Harrison song when it was the Lennon/McCartney theme week? Jim Carey was there in a Horton The Elephant costume or something like that. Not sure how that fit in to the Idol show, but to each his own. The Ford commercial "We're Going The Distance" was pretty cute, with all the Idols running around with their political signs and holding babies. Viewers were able to call in and talk with the Idols or judges, but that ended up a bit amateurist when they put the question on the big board for everyone to see. So, we saw which ones Ryan skipped over and we saw Ryan looking a bit dense asking the caller their question when it was right in front of all of us. A little more thought should have went into that one, guys. We finally got under way with the booting segment of the show. No big surprise. By now you probably already know that Syesha, Kristy, and David Hernandez were in the bottom three. Also no big surprise when they sent Syesha back to sit down saying she was safe. I really thought, though, that Kristy would be going home this week. David has had bad weeks and better weeks, where Kristy has been consistently in the bottom of the pile. This week we say good-bye to Idol David Hernandez. But, I loved David Cook, and he's still around, so that's all good. Who will be be saying good-bye to next week? Will it be Kristy in the bottom again? Or will David Archuleta choke on another song?


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