Mar 12, 2008

So, Ryan Seacrest or David Archuleta... Which one shocked you more? American Idol's top 12 started their first performance with a bigger and better set. It is gorgeous, complete with an awesome light show and a mosh pit. Even the band has there own spot. While all that is fun to see, Ryan Seacrest and David Archuleta sort of made the show, and not in a good way, but a shocking, fun, let's gossip about this, way. Ryan acted like he was on whatever Paula is usually on, yet couldn't handle it, and David just flat out bombed tonight. So, let's recap last nights Lennon McCartney Songbook Theme performances: Syesha Mercado sang Got To Get You Into My Life. I like her, she made it her own, and did a great job. Randy said nice arrangement, although it started rough, it was "aight." Paula said it started pitchy, but found her zone. Simon said he thought it was better than "aight" but she looked nervous. Chikezie Eze sang She's A Woman. Not sure, but I thought he sounded more like screaming. Randy was thoroughly entertained and said he smashed it. Paula said several things that really didn't say anything, then said she's been waiting for this. Simon said he was surprised that he agreed with Randy and Paula, and thought he was terrific. Then Ryan flipped out and started running around the stage, telling Chikezie to own it among other things, and then Ryan grabbed Chikezie's head! What the heck, Ryan? If you can't handle whatever you're on, get off now! Ramiele Malubay sang In My Life. The poor thing sang a slow song after that hoopla with Ryan. She didn't stand a chance. Randy said it was pretty boring. Paula said it was too safe. Simon said he was bored to tears, and he expected better from her. Dreary song choice. Jason Castro sang If I Fell. Sounded to me like he was struggling with the notes, and was he "huffing" some of the words? Strange. Randy liked it not loved it. Paula disagreed with Randy and we were shocked by that alone. Said she feels his heart. Simon said it was "a little bit student at midnight in a bedroom." He thinks he'll make it another week, though. Carly Smithson sang Come Together. The song was okay, but she just annoys me with that thick, fake accent. It gets thicker as the weeks go on. Randy said stellar performance. Paula thought she was already watching a star. Simon said that performance reminded him of another... Kelly Clarkson. David Cook sang Eleanor Rigby. I love his voice. Randy said pitch problems at the beginning, but then he rocked it out. Paula said thoroughbred??? Simon thought it was brilliant. He said if this was just a talent competition and not a popularity contest, he could win. Brooke White sang Let It Be. Surprisingly she didn't annoy me too much, but I swear I heard her voice crack a few times. Randy said he is a fan. Paula said something about feeling her heart again. Little creepy, Paula. Simon said brilliant song choice; best performance of the night. David Hernandez sang I Saw her Standing There. He can't hit very high or low notes. Randy said it was too overdone. Paula also said he overdid the song. Simon said, no, no, no. It was corny verging on desperate and then he told the audience to shut up! hahahahha... Amanda Overmyer sang You Can't Do That. I didn't like the song, but she was okay. Why did she look different tonight??? Randy said true mark of a great song. Rocked out in a Southern bar. Paula said it blew her away; yeah, okay. Simon didn't think she was as good as last week and this time told Paula to shut up! hahahahhaha Then an argument and bashing began a bit between the judges and Ryan. Michael Johns sang Across The Universe. It was a boring song/performance. Randy said it was a little sleepy. Paula disagreed with him again (I think she liked all the gasps the first time she said that) and said he had a quiet confidence. Simon agreed with Randy. Kristy Lee Cook sang Eight Days A Week. She did it country style and it bombed. It really sounded odd. Randy said he liked the arrangement, not the vocals. Paula said she didn't enjoy it. Simon said it was horrendous... like Dolly Parton on helium. hahahha, oh Simon. David Archuleta sang We Can Work It Out. Well, most of it. He forgot the lyrics! A lot! And he still breathes too loud. Randy said not on point this week. Paula said wasn't his best week. Simon hit the nail on the head when he said it was a mess. His weakest performance so far. So, who is going home? Did David's forgetfulness put him at the bottom? Or maybe David Hernandez's overdone song, or Kristy Lee Cook's country style? Or someone else? Let the voting begin.

Who Is Going Home?


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