Mar 15, 2008

Is there an American Idol baby burst going on? Or do we just keep getting bombarded with the same stories over and over? If you haven't heard, "my boy" Idol runner-up Bo Bice and his wife Caroline Fisher are expecting their second child in August of this year. August must be a good time for babies, as I will be welcoming my first grand-baby in August, too. Bo and Caroline were married in 2005, and later that year, welcomed their first son, Aidan. Bo stated that Aidan has helped him grow and be a better person. You can read more about this story HERE. Congrats to Bo and Caroline, and Aidan, too! Ok, I have nothing against Paula Abdul, I think she is a sweet person, but I was a bit taken aback by the article I read. The article states that Paula wants children, and is looking at adoption. All fine and good, but for one, I hope her "dopey" act on American Idol is just that, an act. For two, I hope she lives a long time because she will be pushing 50 before she is ready, according to the article. There's nothing wrong with older parents, but you do have to think of the children. As in, when my child is a teenager and needs me the most, or when my child graduates high school, I'll be pushing 70. 70 years old isn't severely old if you've taken care of yourself... that's all I'm sayin'. Anyway, read more about Paula and her baby story, HERE.


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