Mar 18, 2008

I came upon an article on regarding 10 secrets about an American Idol taping. They say that unless you are physically at one of their tapings, you would have no idea American Idol does these things. 10. They say the set is huge. I thought that by just watching TV, but they say "momentous." 9. During commercial breaks, audience members are invited up on stage to make fools of themselves, to win iTunes gift cards. 8. Simon doesn't rile the folks. I'm not exactly sure what they are saying here, but the contestants family members don't react to Simon. 7. The orchestra wears fancy shirts or vests, but from the waist down it's just jeans and Uggs. 6. Ryan tries to make a big deal how very, very nervous the bottom three are, but Syesha and Kristy were spinning on their chairs and giggling. 5. Katharine McPhee's performance was shot in a way to specifically not show the back of her dress. Something about he color was looking transparent under the lights. I don't know, but her dress was just a long shirt in my opinion. 4. Randy, Paula, and Simon get escorted on and off the stage area by bodyguards. 3. The bottom 3 is no fun. Ramiele was really looking truly worried, and David Cook and Amanda Overmyer went to comfort her. I knew David was a sweetheart! 2. Jim Carrey stayed and watched the entire show. He didn't plug and scram. 1. The segment with the phone calls and McPhee's performance was actually taped. Audience members had to get there way before the live show started. If you're on the ball, you noticed that Syesha and Kristy were back on the couches when they panned the contestants. If you want to read more on the 10 secrets of an American Idol taping, head on over to!


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