Mar 19, 2008

3 American Idol contestants bring new meaning to Idol Gives Back, when they "gave back" to Simon during last nights show. Usually, the contestants take their criticism as mature, responsible adults, willing to learn from the experts. Not so with 3 of the Idol contestants last night.
3 Of Top 11 Give Back
Amanda Overmyer sang Back In The USSR. Although I doubt she will be our next American Idol, at least she isn't annoying me anymore. Randy said perfect song choice, but can only give the performance a 7 out of 10. Paula said she was a little ahead of the beat. Simon said it was predictable. Kristy Lee Cook sang You've Got To Hide Your Love Away. Her low notes made me cringe, and it sounded like the band stopped before she did? Randy and Paula said it was safe. Simon said she needs hypnosis because she is not a good performer, that she makes no impact. This is when Kristy gives back to Simon! She told him that she would blow Simon out of his socks. Well, you know where that went. Sorry girl, pack your bags, it's time to go. David Archuleta sang The Long And Winding Road. He was doing okay pulling his mic away so we didn't have to listen to him breathe, but that didn't last long. Randy said he brought hotness back to the game. Paula said it was his most exciting performance. Simon said last week was a complete mess, this week was amazing. Michael Johns sang A Day In The Life. I thought he did pretty good, but of course the judges disagreed. Randy said it wasn't the right song. Paula said something about monitors in his ears when he didn't have any. Simon said it was a mess. Brooke White sang Here Comes The Sun. Still smug until the judges critiquing. Randy said the performance was awkward. Paula said she played it safe. Simon said the performance was terrible. Wet. Forgettable. Then miss smug gives it back to Simon. Her arrogant attitude quickly turned into "oh, poor me" claiming her "whoo" slipped out, and other excuses for a poor performance. David Cook sang Day Tripper. He was fantastic. Randy said another solid look, although maybe not his best performance. Paula said he is ready to sell records, and do a Geico commercial? Simon said he wasn't as good as he thought, and that he looked smug. No Simon, the one before him looked smug. Carly Smithson sang Blackbird. The accent is so annoying. I wish it would go away as fast as it came. Randy said very nice; cooliosis? Paula said amazing tone. Simon was correct saying it was not the right song and it was indulgent. Idol contestant number 3 gives back to Simon with some whiny, sappy speech of why she chose the song. Go home tattoo girl, you're done. Jason Castro sang Michelle. I didn't think he was bad, but not all that great either. Randy said it was just "aight." Paula said he has a distinct charm. Simon said that his face sold the performance. He is charming and not obnoxious. Syesha Mercado sang Yesterday. I thought she fought with the high notes. Randy said very, very, very good performance. Paula said she needs to work on connecting with the audience. Simon said best performance so far, and she chose the right song. Chikezie sang I Just Seen A Face. Not sure what Randy said. Something about good points and fast points? Paula disagreed with him anyway, and said it was pure and on pitch. Simon said once he started playing the harmonica, it turned into achy, breaky house and it was gimmicky. Ramiele Malubay sang I Should Have Known Better. She did okay. Randy like it and loved her confidence. Paula said it was better than last week. Simon said it sounded like Chikezie on harmonica? There you have it, the top 11 Idol contestants, including the 3 American Idol contestants who gave back to Simon. Please, let's "give back" to one of these 3 Idol contestants and send them packing!

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