Mar 5, 2008

American Idol's top 8 men performed last night and once again it is time to vote for the two you think will be leaving this week. No one performance really stood out for me this week, and again, I disagreed more than agreed with the judges. Luke Menard sang Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, and I thought he did pretty good. Randy said it was ok, but corny. Paula was surprised and then went off into never never land. Simon said he wouldn't make it to the top 12. David Archuleta sang Another Day In Paradise, and his breathing is still annoying. Randy said it was nice, Paula is still a bit incoherent, and Simon said it wasn't as good as last week. Danny Noriega sang Tainted Love. I agreed with the judges who said it started off bad following up with Simon saying everything was useless. David Hernandez sang It's All Coming Back. I wonder if that was a "perfect" song choice considering the story leak? Randy said nice song choice but pitchy. Paula yea, ok. Simon didn't like it as much as last week but thought he secured a spot for next week. Michael Johns sang Don't You Forget About Me. I thought it sucked. He was screaming way too much. Randy loved it. Paula still can't get her words out. Simon like it/loved it. David Cook sang Hello. All 3 judges thought it was brilliant and they loved it. Jason Castro sang Hallelujah. I didn't like it, but the judges did. Randy said it was a tall order. Paula is still fumbling over her words. Simon said it was absolutely brilliant. Chikezie Eze sang All The Woman That I Need. Randy and Paula liked it, but Simon thought it was too much cabaret. For me, the most entertaining of all of them was Paula. She couldn't a word out edgewise. I want whatever she's on, because it looks like a good time. I just won't go in public! Ok, out of the top 8 men, which 2 are going home leaving the rest in the top 12 lineup?

Which 2 Of The Top 8 Men Going Home?


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