Mar 4, 2008

I can't wait for tonight's American Idol episode, especially David Hernandez's performance. This will be his first performance since "the story" broke. Will David defend himself or just spout something witty? David Hernandez once had a job at a certain men's club. Apparently, David Hernandez was sort of a celebrity and a favorite at this club. It wasn't for his singing ability, however, nor his wardrobe choice. David didn't have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction because his wardrobe didn't stay on very long; it was sort of a prerequisite of his job. I feel bad for David Hernandez because I think he is a pretty good singer. Not good enough to be our next American Idol, but he is now famous for something he probably wants to forget, or wants everyone else to forget. So, let's all listen listen closely tonight to see who says something first. Will it be David Hernandez himself? Ryan Seacrest because he needs the attention? Simon Cowell because he just can? Anyway, you can read the whole story HERE.


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