Mar 6, 2008

American Idol's top 8 girls performed last night and tonight we get to watch 2 of these top 8 girls head for home. Which 2 girls do you think are leaving? Don't forget to cast your vote below! I was a bit surprised at tonight's performances, although there was no wow factor, I totally didn't mind Amanda Overmyer's performance like I have every single time in the past. It wasn't super fantastic, but it was pretty good! So, a recap of American Idol's top 8 girls follows: Asia'h Epperson sang I Wanna Dance With Somebody. I love this girl, but she sounded a bit strained tonight. Randy said it was hot, Paula said she nailed it, Simon said it was a 2nd rate rendition of Whitney Houston. Kady Malloy sang Who Wants To Live Forever. I like Kady, too, but I thought tonight's performance wasn't that great. Randy said she did pretty good, Paula said it was her best performance, and Simon said better than last week, but she has no personality. Amanda Overmyer sang I Hate Myself For Loving You. Don't faint, but I liked it! I liked her attitude, her hair, her singing, everything! Now if she would just smile!!! Randy said, "Well done, baby!" Paula said she picked the right song, and Simon said fantastic! Carly Smithson sang I Drove All Night. I did not like it at all. Her "all of a sudden" accent is a bit ridiculous, too. Randy said it was very good, Paula said, "Dude, dependable dog." (?) Simon said she didn't choose the right song. Kristy Lee Cook sang Faithfully. I didn't like this one either, it was boring. Randy said he liked it, Paula said she hit it, but Simon said she's forgettable. I agree. Ramiele Malubay sang Against All Odds. I really liked her performance. Randy got her name wrong a few times, then finally said she had no confidence. Paula said a ton of stuff I still have yet to figure out. Simon said she was little and cute, but old fashioned and predictable. Brooke White sang Love Is A Battlefield. I don't care if she was good or bad, she is way too cocky and she really needs to go home now! Randy liked it, Paula said it was a wise song choice, and Simon said she made the song hers. Syesha Mercada sang Saving All My Love For You. I liked her. She is pretty and she has a good voice. I think they ran out of time after Paula's babbling earlier, because all the judges said was Good. There's the top 8 girls, and although I would love to see Brooke White and Carly Smithson leaving tonight, I sadly think it is going to be Kady Malloy and Ramiele Malubay.

Which 2 Of The Top 8 Girls Going Home?


  1. Can I vote to have Randy (Yo,Dog,Yo) Jackson and Paula (I love Methadone) Abdul axed instead?




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