Mar 7, 2008

American Idol sure dragged the Top 12 show out last night, but we finally have our top 12 Idol hopefuls! How did you do, were you surprised? Like every other results show, I was surprised, not surprised, and a bit confused.
Blake Lewis started the top 12 show off with some song. I sure don't miss that "b-bop" crap that's for sure. After Blake was finished, we had to sit through how Paula is number one on iTunes, and how Simon Cowell is not capable of saying the word congratulate. But, we finally got underway with all the dramatics they could muster. Ryan Seacrest alternated between 3 guys, then 3 girls, with a few million commercial breaks in between.
You can say good bye to the following four: Kady Malloy - not surprised by this one Luke Menard - also not very surprised Asia'h Epperson - surprised and a bit confused by this one Danny Noriega - I think Chikezie was more surprised than I was. I thought he was going to faint! Here is a little slide show of the top 12 for your enjoyment.


  1. Nope, I don't think there are any real surprises yet. I kind of thought Chikeze was going to go home before Noriega, but Danny going home wasn't too shocking by any means. I really can't wait for Ramiele to go home though. For some reason she really bugs me. I think it is time to week out some of those awful girls though. Brooke is the only one I like. Right now Jason Castro is my overall favorite, but there a few guys I like.




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